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Purple is the new black!!!

Purple is the new black!!!

Navy blue top

Moss Spy ivory skirt
$220 –

Sequin pumps

Irene neuwirth jewelry

Leaf jewelry

Goddess Gold

Goddess Gold

Moschino straw handbag
$315 –

H M bracelet bangle
$6.21 –

Kevia jewelry

Prism round sunglasses

Believing in yourself and your ability is the fast track to success

Believing in yourself and your ability is the fast track to success

Never listen to Naysayers, surround yourself with people that see the possibilities. Those that believe in reaching higher and higher until you accomplish your goal. Remember the only true failure is never trying at all. So turn off the Naysayers, even if the negative is coming from you. Replace the negative thoughts with I cans instead of can’ts. Besides what do you have to lose by focusing on the positive. If nothing else it’s a better frame of mind and it brings about peace. Negativity does just the opposite.

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” ~ Arthur Ashe

Have you been planning to do something and you’re waiting for just the right moment to get started? Maybe you are planning to start a business or start a new career. Well there is no time like the present! It could be that you don’t have everything you feel you need in place to make your move. Start with what you have, even if you have to start by writing down your vision, or gathering the information that you’ll need later. Whatever you do start, if you continue to wait for the “perfect time” you will find it may never come.